New Year’s Eve at Puerta del Sol

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The Puerta del Sol inspires songs and it appears in an infinite number of films. On New Year’s Eve, it is one of the most photographed locations because every 31st of December, the square that is home to the Puerta del Sol clock gathers thousands of people that say goodbye to the outgoing year with good spirits and welcome the new one, which will hopefully see all of their resolutions come true. It is then that a few frenzied hours begin, filled with love, thrills, hope and many other positive feelings among loved ones and even strangers.

It seems that it all began on Christmas 1896, when people began to congregate in the square to welcome the new year for the first time with the traditional 12 grapes and under the large clock in Puerta del Sol. This was the common celebration during the next few years but, in 1909, after a great grape harvest in autumn, farmers started giving out grapes in Puerta del Sol to all those who gathered at the square to celebrate the new year. This was the beginning of a tradition that is still preserved today, which now sees thousands of tourists gathering in Madrid’s most famous Christmas square. It is a tradition for everyone, including royalty, because they say that even King Alfonso XIII went incognito and ate his grapes at Puerta del Sol on New Year’s Eve in 1930.

–  How to get there. The Puerta del Sol metro station is usually closed for security reasons from 9.00pm to 12.30am, so it is probably best to choose a nearby one to get off and walk to your chosen place. This is the safest option (you can forget about driving, of course). Callao or Opera are good options. To leave, check out the metro timetables or get a taxi once the party is over.

– Choose a good place: don’t stay in the walking areas, such as the corners of the streets that enter the square, because these are the accesses where people will arrive at and there will be pushing. Look for a good place where you feel comfortable and where you can “settle” to enjoy your grapes.

– Listen to the bells: you cannot hear them anywhere as clearly as you can at home, where everyone is silent and waiting for the last chime. Remember that there are many people celebrating and shouting at the square and the bells can only chime so loud. You can use the lights on the façade of the Puerta del Sol as a guide or even take a radio with you and listen to it on there with headphones, so you don’t miss out on any details.

– Be patient: it is 2016 and the clock has struck twelve… The year has started well so why not wait a few minutes for people to leave the square so you can leave without any hustle and bustle.

These are just a few tips so that, if you choose to enjoy the New Year’s Eve countdown in Puerta del Sol, you can fully enjoy them. If you choose to visit Madrid, we will be just a few yards away, with comfortable rooms and an unforgettable New Year’s Eve dinner.

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