Frequently asked questions about Hotel Liabeny

What time is check-in and check-out?
The time, for both check-in and check-out, is 15:00, although we often allow people to check-in as early as possible. This mainly depends on the occupation on the previous day. The check-out time is flexible until 1 or 2pm.
Can I leave the room late?
For late departures, you need to speak to reception, as for a few hours, they can offer you a discount on the tariff in place. Although this also depends on availability on the day.
Can I choose the type of beds in my room? (large bed – two beds)
It is always preferable if the client tells us their preference. We take a note of their choice and try to accommodate them.
Do the rooms have a balcony or terrace? Can I book one?
Sadly, our rooms do not have terraces.
Are there rooms for non-smokers?
Yes. We have 148 rooms for non-smokers. Compliance with the no smoking rule in rooms of this type depends on the hotel’s guests.
How many floors are there in the building? Is there a lift?
We have 7 floors and four recently renovated lifts.
Is there air-conditioning in the rooms? Does it work all year round?
The hotel has centralised air-conditioning. This means that, depending on the weather, the hotel will have hot or cold air throughout. Guests are not able to choose individually.
Is your hotel adapted for disabled people?
Hotel Liabeny is gradually adapting so that their guests with a disability can feel at home. At this time, guests can move freely throughout the hotel. It is true that to access some locations, there are still certain inconveniences.
Can you take care of my luggage when I leave the room?
Yes. Without any restriction or additional charge.
Where can I park my car in a safe place? How much does it cost?
Hotel Liabeny has a car park, which costs from € 22 € per day (in 2013). There is a person who looks after this car park, who will take your car keys and take care of luggage.
Is there any internet or email access in the hotel for guests?
We have a business centre, where for a small charge you can access the internet.
Do they offer high-speed internet in the room for my laptop? Is it wireless (no cables)?
Yes. A WIFI system is installed throughout the hotel, and is free for guests.
What languages do they speak at reception?
Spanish, English and French.
I need to iron a shirt. Are there irons available to customers?
Hotel Liabeny has a laundry service, where you can leave your laundry to be cleanead and ironed or just cleaned. Cleaned and ironed clothes are provided to the clients the day after being collected. In case you want this service to be delivered on the same day, we will apply an increase of 50% on the price. For dry cleaning service, please ask the hotel for price and delivery time.
Where can I hire a car?
At the Concierge of Hotel Liabeny you can not only hire cars, but you can also purchase theatre, cinema and football tickets; make restaurant bookings, or any other service you may require.
If I have several stays within a fixed period, can I leave a bag of clothes for the next visit?
No problem at all. What’s more, you can also send the dirty clothes to our laundry service at the end of the stay, so they are ready for your next visit.
Is there an airport collection service?
Not as a general service. But we can send you a private van to collect you. It costs from €70, and we only recommend it for 4 people or more, up to a maximum of 8, as a taxi usually costs approximately €35.
Which metro stop is closest to the hotel?
We have three in the vicinity: SOL, CALLAO and GRAN VÍA. The one that brings you in from the airport is SOL.
How do I get to the hotel when I arrive by metro at SOL station?
You have to take the exit C/Carmen. Once you reach this street, walk 50 metres, and you will arrive at the corner of the hotel. You have to go up C/Salud a bit, and then you will find the main entrance.
I need to book a function room. What is the maximum meeting capacity?
Hotel Liabeny has meeting rooms with capacity for up to 60 people in classroom format, or 80 in theatre format.